Tony here.

Product professional and Data Science student currently studying Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning. I have a mixed business & engineering background, with experience in product management, product development and product supply going back the last 6 years. I'm fascinated with great product outlooks playing vital roles in everyday life, be it ordering a quick meal, listening to a song you like, looking at an inspired space or design, to digital artistic outputs and blazing fast solutions that start a conversation – all these spirit me to dream up and inspire the pursuit of great ideas.

Outside of work, I am on a life-long quest to make the perfect cinnamon roll. My current obsession is leather crafting, and recently in my free time I have started doodling on Procreate. My pronouns are he/him. Not so fun fact: I speak Japanese and currently learning German on Duolingo. Occasionally you may catch me lurking somewhere on Twitter, on rare occasions LinkedIn, more than often on Hashnode or even over at VSCO.

Here's what I'm currently reading and what I'm listening to at the moment, on Spotify. Spotify

On this blog, I write about product, my data science learning experience while juggling entrepreneurship, and learning in general particularly to do with product tips, beginner-friendly topics/projects in Python 3, machine learning and deep learning.


See you around.